Career Pathways Program

Earn your high school diploma or GED in addition to your professional certification.

No High School Diploma? No Problem

Having your high school diploma opens many doors to employment opportunities and higher education. Getting trained in practical, in-demand skills also clears the way for higher wages and getting a step up in life.

For many people, a variety of circumstances have come in the way of completing school. With adult commitments building up, the thought of having to spend years getting a high school diploma or GED, just to then do the same going through college to build a rewarding career, seems difficult if not impossible. Especially without access to federal student aid to support such a move.

Getting your high school diploma or GED and training for an exciting career doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact, you can start training for a professional beauty career, while earning your high school diploma or GED, all in under a year with possible eligibility for federal student aid.

Beauty Anatomy is excited to offer a career pathway program for aspiring beauty professionals who don’t have a high school diploma. You can complete our Cosmetology, Barber Styling, Nail Specialty, Facial Specialty, Full Specialty, Massage Therapy or Instructor programs while working on your high school diploma or equivalent.

The Beauty Anatomy Career Pathways Experience

Developing and practicing newly-learned skills in a real setting is important, which is why we teach through hands-on training and interactive lectures. As a student, you’ll spend the majority of your time perfecting your skills on actual clients in our student salon. If you prefer, you can even choose to take the hybrid courses, completing theory work online and hands-on learning in the student salons. While under supervision of licensed instructors, you will learn industry trends and techniques that ensure you will be ready for the industry.

While taking high school or GED courses at the same time as beauty school is a commitment, we make the work manageable so that you’re not overloaded. The career pathway program weaves core coursework – such as math, reading and science – into the daily study time for your professional certification.

Your diploma and career skills will prepare you a job in one of many high-demand fields. According to the Department of Labor, the job market for barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is projected to grow 13% from 2016 to 2026, a high amount of growth in a promising career path. With population growing, this will lead to greater demand for beauty, barber and wellness services.

Support & Financial Aid

It’s a reality that there are costs for career training, and that finances can be an especially difficult barrier if you don’t have a high school diploma or GED to qualify you for federal financial aid. You can get help funding your diploma and beauty career with scholarships and financial aid, available to those who qualify. Those awards help cover tuition for students who, without a high school diploma or equivalent credential, traditionally can’t receive federal financial aid.

As a student, it’s important to feel personally supported and prepared not only for early career work, but also be comfortable with job search skills. As a student in the career pathways program, you will have access to a strong support network that includes a student success coach. Also, you can learn from a series of courses on topics such as financial literacy and how to dress for success.

The Beauty Anatomy Career Pathway program can be a quick, practical way to get the education and skills to build a better life. That being said, it is a commitment that requires time, the right support and passion for bettering yourself and entering an exciting field. To be successful in this program, you have to be ready to work hard towards your learning goals.

Is Beauty School Right for You? Find Out!

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Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Getting your high school diploma and professional training doesn’t have to be a multi-year journey. This career pathway program can help you get your GED or high school diploma and a professional certification in under a year.

This opportunity could be the start of the next great chapter in your life. Get started on your new career today by learning more about our career pathway program. Fill out the form, and you will get answers to any questions you may have.

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